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About CNCMobile

CNCMobile is the new technology from ChristianNetcast that puts your audio stream on the iPhone and iPod touch.

With CNCMobile, you get:

  • More listeners (there are over 30 million iPhone/iPod touch owners) - people can listen while on the go
  • Real-time ad result statistics
  • Real-time listener statistics
  • Another ad medium to offer to your advertisers


With CNCMobile, the listener gets:

  • Quick and easy access to your broadcast on their iPhone for free
  • To listen to your broadcast wherever they are
  • One-click access to your broadcast via email, phone, and text messaging
  • To visit your website while listening to your broadcast


Give us a call now.  We can have you on the iPhone the same day!

Listener and advertiser click-through statistics will be available in real-time through the CNCMobile secure website so that you can provide your advertisers with ROI information.

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